Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - Choi Hung Estate, Choi Hung

Another reversed image is the following one from what I initially thought was Kwun Tong Road. However, after investigating the build dates of the various blocks that I thought they were, it made no sense.

So this one needs to be reversed as well so it looks like this.

The block under construction is Kam Wan House at the west end of the estate. The road system around here has changed significantly and I don't have anything to reference it to at the moment but I suspect the road the bus is on is part of Choi Hung Road. Currently this area has a roundabout on it and is where the Choi Hung Road turns into the Kwun Tong Road.

According to wiki, Kam Wan House was completed in 1964 which puts this shot firmly out of the timeline for the actual shoot of this film. So I think my suspicions about these last few locations being stock footage is probably correct.

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