Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - Sharp Island, Port Shelter

In the film, the main baddie is the eponymous Sumuru who lives on an island in Hong Kong somewhere. Where that island is supposed to be is not sure but in reality all of the shots we see when various people are getting on and off boats at a concrete jetty, we are looking at the jetty that was (and looks like it still is) located at the northern end of Kiu Tsui Chau aka Sharp Island, next to Kiu Tsui beach.

The top picture is looking roughly north from Sharp Island with Pak Sha Chau behind the boat and the landscape behind is where Sai Sha Road comes into Sai Kung from the north.

The following shot shows the same place but this time looking more east as the person walks up the ramp. The hills in the background are part of the islands northern coast.

The following two shots are looking the other way from the west up to the north and the second picture clearly shows the recognisable ridgeline that sits above Sai Kung town centre at the right of the picture with Pyramid Hill on the right of the girls shoulder.

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