Friday, August 19, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - Shaw's Movietown, Clearwater Bay

After having a bit of a disaster with regards to my PC recently (the hard drive failed and I lost a whole bunch of stuff I hadn't backed up including various screen grabs I had recently done for other films) I figured it would be a good time to start on a film recommended to me by Flip Jansen. Flip had been kind enough to contact me and mentioned this film, Sumuru. So many thanks to Flip and please check out his rather impressive and useful blog on film concerts here:

Anyway, here we are with another 1967 picture produced by Harry Alan Towers. Harry was also responsible for Five Golden Dragons (and The Vengeance of Fu Man Chu which is one of the films I will have to do go through again after my PC crash) which also happened to start his wife Maria Rohm who also happened to be in the Fu Manchu film. So you can see a pattern forming. It looks like 1967 was Harry's year for getting films made in Hong Kong with the help of Shaws. There's another link to Five Golden Dragons that I'll point out later and according to Flip's comment it looks as though these films were filmed one after the other from the end of '66 into '67.

Anyway, speaking of Shaws as we just were, the opening scenes of Sumuru were most definitely filmed on the Chinese town lot at the Movietown studios. Shaw Bros fans will certainly recognise the small stone bridge that can be seen in the last screen grab. 

This wasn't the only scene filmed at Shaw's and a later post has some scenes filmed outside the famous and iconic Shaw House.


  1. Thanks a lot for your nice comments about me and the link to Movies in Concert.

    1. you're welcome, Flip. Credit where credit is due. Many thanks.