Monday, August 15, 2016

Cracker: White Ghost - Robbie Coltrane (1996) - Tsing Yi Container Processing Terminal, Tsing Yi

The container terminal where Dennis imprisons his girlfriend is one we have seen before a couple of times on this blog, first in The Protector where it was used for the finale and secondly in Double Impact where one version of JCVD gets his butt kicked.

Actually, there are a few container yards here and the sign at the front gate (on Tsing Keung Street - see top picture below) shows that the space is shared by several companies. The place was looking a bit empty in Double Impact but it seems as though business was booming once again when the Cracker team turned up.

These days the place is just marked as "dockyard" and "open storage" on maps but I think it is still very much in use. The Exxon Mobil Oil Terminal seen in the lower two pictures is also still around and operational. Tsing Yi Road can be seen on the left of the lower picture as it curves around the southern part of the island.

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