Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rush Hour 2 - Jackie Chan (2001) - The Peak, Hong Kong

I know, I should have done Rush Hour first, but I don't seem to be able to find my copy so I shall start at the second installment. Plus, this one (I almost called it "number 2" which might be a bit unfair because I actually enjoyed it a lot) has a lot more HK-based locations than its predecessor. The opening shot is almost an updated of the one we just saw in Day of the Panther with a helicoptered shot starting somewhere on the southside of the Peak moving up to the top so we get a nice view of the viewing tower and beyond.

Up the hill... the top...
...and beyond.

The only thing missing (that is noticeable for me anyway) is the 2 IFC tower which should be on the left of the lower picture but it seems construction had either not started yet, or not reached a height where it can be seen over the other buildings (most likely the former reason).


  1. rh2 is my favourite part of the rush hour trilogy...also because of the hong kong focus...damn i miss hk...our nerdtalk at the café was great phil

    1. Still great films I think as long as you don't expect too much action from JC, but let's face's Chris Tucker that provides most of the entertainment. When will you be back?