Monday, June 6, 2016

Noble House (Mini series) - Pierce Brosnan (1988) - View from The Tregunter, Central

As we have already established, Rose Court in the series is actually The Tregunter in Central mid-levels. The only thing I wasn't completely certain of initially is whether it was Tower 1, 2 that was being used, however, after reviewing the following panorama, I think I am wrong about both of those. Here's why. 

The screen grab is an edited view from Orlanda's balcony in Rose Court. The building on the right is Garden Terrace (built 1983) and moving left the smaller one with the blueish decor is Hollywood Heights (1977). The Albany is missing because it wasn't completed until 1989, which means construction probably hadn't begun yet (remember, the missing Standard Chartered means filming took place probably in 1986 or early 1987). The small low rise buildings at the very bottom of the picture are the roofs of Pine Court and Kam Yuen Mansion, and of course this view would now be completely blocked by the wall-like edifices that are Queen's Garden and Dynasty Court. But what is also missing is Tower 3 of The Tregunter itself.

Tower 3 is a bit of a mystery, but it seems that an initial Tower 3 was built at the same time as Towers 1 and 2 but was significantly smaller in size. It wasn't extended to its current height until 1993. I say extended, but actually, it looks like the original tower was demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Anyway, it seems that Tower 3 was the one that stood in for Rose Court throughout the series and a quick comparison of the entrance on Old Peak Road seems to confirm as such (see this updated post).

If anyone knows the actual reasons behind the redevelopment it would interesting to hear about because at the moment I can only suppose that either there was an initial height restriction due to plot ratio/height restrictions (this seems to be the main reason in HK but also appears to be ignored anyway while the Govt Depts responsible for oversight wring their hands nervously).

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  1. I visited the set on one occasion when they were filming the aftermath of the landslide. I'll work out where that was on google earth and let you know. It was a vacant site at the time very close to the Ladies Recreation Club in Mid Levels. I also have Super 8 footage!