Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Noble House (Mini series) - Pierce Brosnan (1988) - Sham Wan, Aberdeen

Probably the standout sequence from Episode 2 is the massive fire on board the "Floating Dragon" restaurant. Of course, this is one of the disasters from the novel that was based on real events when the original Jumbo restaurant went up in flames in October 1971. The restaurant had yet to be opened to the public but there were still a massive amount of deaths (30+) from the fire and the whole thing had to be rebuilt.

The version of the Jumbo that finally opened in 1976 and still sits in the Sham Wan section of Aberdeen Harbour is the same one that can be seen below - although obviously it was a sophisticated mock-up that was torched for the TV show along with the use of a not-so-sophisticated miniature (with little toy boats floating around it.

So in the pictures below you can see the boarding pontoons that are tied up at the end of Sham Wan Pier Drive behind the Aberdeen Marina Club (it's a private members club owned and operated by the Shangri-La Hotel group) as well as a nice glitzy closeup of the front section.

We finish this post with a brief glimpse back towards the shore line with the pontoons and the Aberdeen Marina Club in the background.

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