Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Detonator II: Night Watch - Pierce Brosnan (1995) - Lockhart Road, Wanchai

The first of several night time neon shots that can be seen on the film. This one was taken along Lockhart Road just west of the junction with Marsh Road.

Some of this neon is still visible on Streetview (though I can't guarantee it is still there now without heading down there myself). The closest sign with red writing and green surround looks to be for a company called the Kong Hing Ma Chuk (KHMC) Company located on the ground floor of the Henfa Commercial Building at 348 - 350 Lockhart Road. The pink and purple neon on the right is advertising the Sunny Paradise Sauna at 341 Lockhart Road. Actually, the curved neon sign overhanging the road is also part of the sauna's advertising. Anyway, here is the current Streetview.

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