Thursday, June 9, 2016

Detonator II: Night Watch - Pierce Brosnan (1995) - Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Seeing as we are all in a Pierce Brosnan kind of mood at the moment, here is a made-for-TV movie that he was contractually bound to back in the mid-90's. A follow up to Detonator (aka Death Train), Brosnan's original co-star, Patrick Stewart, had managed to wangle his way out of his re-appearance for this sequel and so Brosnan tried to do the same to no effect. It didn't help that he was about to become the new James Bond at the time. In some sort of silent protest he decided to grow his hair long and sport a - sort of - porno-style moustache.

Anyway, the first part of the film is set in the Netherlands with some Amsterdam scenes thrown in before the action moves over to Hong Kong and Macau. The opening scene in Hong Kong is a nice view over the Causeway Bay part of Wanchai District.

Actually, the second picture appears a little later on in the film but shows a larger section of the same area including the typhoon shelter - currently being partially reclaimed for the Wanchai bypass work. It's interesting to note that despite being filmed mid-90's there doesn't seem to be any sign of the Exhibition and Convention Centre that now takes a fairly central place in modern harbour views.

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