Monday, June 20, 2016

Day of the Panther - Eddie Stazak (1988) - Mount Austin Road, The Peak

Day of the Panther was an attempt to launch the career of Aussie kickmeister, Eddie Stazak, but fell into trouble almost immediately calling for the original director to be replaced by Brian Trenchard-Smith (of Kung Fu Killers and The Man from Hong Kong fame - both featured on here courtesy of AP). To be fair, I should state that none of this film was actually made in HK, however, there are a couple of shots during the opening sequence that feature a couple of locations so I figured it was worthy of inclusion.

Here is the first location - what appears to be a sweeping helicopter shot of the Peak area including Mount Austin Road.

The building on the hillside in the top picture is called the "Haystack" (Gwulo has an entry for it here) and is currently used as the residence for the Japanese Consul. Mount Austin Road can be seen on the right hand side with Mount Austin Mansions to the right of it (since redeveloped).

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