Monday, May 23, 2016

Kickboxer - Jean Claude Van Damme (1989) - Jat Incline, Kowloon Peak

Despite featuring a large section shot in Thailand, Kickboxer was also filmed in Hong Kong which stood in for rural Thailand on a couple of occasions. The first brief glimpse is a shot of Taylor's (played by the Haskell V. Anderson III) battered old blue Toyota HIACE threading its way along a thin mountain road.

Rather than rural Thailand we are, in fact, looking at Jat Incline - a small road that runs on the south side of the Kowloon mountain range. Believe it or not if the camera were to pan right you would be presented with urban Hong Kong in its full high-rise concrete glory. The Streetview below gives a rough approximation of the camera's viewpoint. The hill at the far end with the pole on it is actually the summit of Fei Ngo Shan (i.e. Kowloon Peak).

For some reason most maps seem to list this road as the possessive 'Jat's Incline', but actually its proper name is just 'Jat Incline'.

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