Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lord Jim - Peter O'Toole (1965) - Green Island, Victoria Harbour

Just as Jim and his equally yellow-bellied fellow crew are drifting into port after the storm where they abandoned ship, their small life craft bobs past Green Island at the western end of Hong Kong Island. It's recognisable for the lighthouse that still sits up there.

There are actually two lighthouses in the picture, the tall white one (completed 1905) and just to its right is the original Victorian structure built in the 1870's - all are now protected monuments.
Given Brooks' (Richard Brooks, the director) attempts to conceal modern elements from the film by obscuring them with passing junk sails, a non-Victorian element is acceptable here given that it is only out of era by about 4 years.

As an update to this post, I was passing Green Island the other day on the way back from lunch on Lamma and took a snap of the same area. It's not the same angle, but it's close enough.

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