Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hong Kong 97 - Robert Patrick (1994) - Plantation Road, The Peak

Just prior to a major gun battle with some local gangsters we see the film's main characters (played by Robert Patrick, the awesome Brion James and Tim Thomerson) driving a land rover along a small tree lined lane towards their house on the Peak. The subsequent gun battle that takes place was probably filmed in the Philippines (it's listed in the credits as another filming location) because there is a not-so-subtle switch in the vehicle's registration plate and the location background doesn't look like HK anyway. However, the lead up is most definitely in HK, it's Plantation Road just below the Lion Pavilion at the Peak and the following pan across to the house features what looks to be #25 & #26 Lugard Road.

Plantation Road

Houses (#25 & #26) on Lugard Road

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