Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bons Baisers de Hong Kong - Les Charlots (1975) - Kam Shing Pharmacy, Kwun Chung

This one proved to be a bit of a toughy, largely because initial searches for "金城大藥房" led me to a reference to the place being on Kingston St in Causeway bay. After realising this couldn't possibly be correct I drew a bit of a blank until Thomas found a reference to it on Uwants. The real location? Well, it turns out it was on the corner of Jordan Road and Parkes Street.

The camera is in a car driving along Jordan Road from east to west and Parkes Street can be seen leading away to the south. Judging from the current Streetview images, it looks as though the extended upper floor section still exists although it has had its windows enlarged since 1975.

In case you want to see the Uwants forum thread, it's here courtesy of the indefatigable Thomas Ngan, so many thanks to him once again.

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