Friday, March 11, 2016

The Last Grenade - Stanley Baker (1970) - Starling Inlet, Sha Tau Kok

There is a quick scene of the soldiers making their way along a rural road as they hunt down their quarry. It just so happens that this particular road is Luk Keng Road in the far north east of the territory. In fact the closed area border (a sort of restricted buffer zone between Hong Kong and the true border with China) the runs along this very same road - enter the inlet and you are officially in trouble if you don't have a Closed Area Permit. To obtain a permit you need to be an indigenous villager whose village lies within the Closed Border Area, or you need to be invited by someone who lives there.

I've tried to match the same angle using Streetview. Note that in the top picture the embankment in the background is where the road turns north along the west end of the inlet. You can't see the turn these days due to the increased amount of growth on the side of the road.

The view looking east is a bit more interesting as you can see the headland that makes up the far eastern limit of the inlet. The headland is called Ah Kung Tsui.

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  1. Utterly amazing to compare the view out to Sha Tau Kok. Thanks for your dedication to this endeavor.