Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Last Grenade - Stanley Baker (1970) - Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon

It's time for a new film and this time from this not-so-well-known mercenary actioner filmed circa 1969 (but released in 1970) starring Stanley Baker. Baker has been hired to deal with a renegade soldier (played by Alex Cord) causing havoc around the border between Hong Kong and China.

I first heard about this film courtesy of Harryhktc over on Gwulo.com who had posted some sneakily snapped pictures of Honor Blackman and Stanley Baker whilst they were filming in Tai Po (which I will cover in a future post). So anyway, many thanks to Harry for bringing it to my attention because it's a cracker of a film.

Although kicking off supposedly somewhere in Africa, the action soon moves to Hong Kong and we get the usual visit to the airport as Baker and his crew are met by a very young Ray Brooks (Brooks will be forever in my memory as the voice of Mr Benn).

There's some real history in these screencaps including the now defunct Panam and this strange, but cool, passenger transport system. Very futuristic.

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