Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge - Nicholas Hammond (1979) - Fanling, New Territories

The baddies have taken their kidnapping victim to a hiding place in the New Territories and we are treated to some nice aerial scenery of various parts of the NT as Peter Parker uses his spidey-gadgetry to search for clues from the air. It turns out that a large chunk of this sequence was filmed in and around the Fanling area - on the ground as well as the air. Take for example this brief glimpse of a rural village - it's actually Fanling Wai - stronghold of the Pang clan - although you wouldn't believe it given the amount of development that has overtaken these green paddy fields in front of the village.

The fung shui pond in front of the village is still the same shape, but as you can see the area at the top left of the screen cap has been developed into new village houses. The older single and two storey traditional houses on film have also largely been replaced by the 'Spanish' villa style three storey buildings that now dominate village development.

Another quick aerial photo shows Peter Parker (in a cunning disguise of some satin pyjamas and a pointy hat...) running into the village from the main road. The truck is on San Wan Road. The yellow building is actually a building that was the original Fanling village school (粉嶺學校) but is now known as the 思德書室 (si dak sue sat) and is part of the local area's built heritage. You can see the building in the lower Streetview grab below.

Notice the cross-lattice work in the wall of the school above? We now know where the crew put their camera because it is also briefly featured when the kidnapper's van drives out of the village. As the van leaves the village you can make out a strange roof structure in the background on the other side of San Wan Road. It's the roof over the viewing terrace of the public swimming pool across the road.

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