Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge - Nicholas Hammond (1979) - Ocean Park, Nam Long Shan

An interesting view of the newly opened (in 1977) Ocean Park - or at least the headland section on the other side of Brick Hill (Nam Long Shan). I tend to give OP a wide berth these days - if I want to be pushed and shoved around by hordes of people, then I can do it for free in Mongkok and save on the travel time.

Anyway, it looks as though the 1978 version of Ocean Park hadn't had any fun rides installed just yet, but it is possible to make out the upper cable car station (centre left). The circular building on the far left used to house the famous former Atoll Reef aquarium with its big wide viewing windows. These days the main aquarium has been moved down to a funky-looking-but-less-practical-with-tiny-viewing-portals tank on the lower section.

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