Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bons Baisers de Hong Kong - Les Charlots (1975) - Shaws Movietown, Clearwater Bay

Saving the best for last and the film's finale was shot in and around the Shaw Movietown plot over in Clearwater Bay in Sai Kung. Any self-respecting Shaws fan should be able to recognise a lot of what follows including the main gates, the old Chinese village set including the famous wooden bridge and also the lovely views from the back of the lot towards the hills and mountains surrounding Sai Kung and Port Shelter. As a result, this post probably has far too many screencaps.

Those same yellow gates are still hanging at the front entrance and the wall at the side hasn't changed much. Thankfully Shaw House still stands on it little hill but entrance into the place is as difficult as it was in the film. Without prior arrangement you just can't get in anymore. The 3rd picture shows the view looking back towards Clearwater Bay Road from the front gates. Here is the current Streetview.

Moving inside the complex and there is a chase scene across much of the Shaw Chinese town set. Some familiar sights to be seen for any Shaw fan as mentioned earlier. I enjoy Shaw films but I have no idea how many times these sets were doubts tens and possibly hundreds.

Finally the views over Port Shelter from the far back of the studio lot. The island in the bottom screencap is Sharp Island, a very popular local dive spot.

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