Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bons Baisers de Hong Kong - Les Charlots (1975) - Aberdeen Harbour, Aberdeen

There are a few nice shots of Aberdeen in one of the scenes, including a nice oblique angle looking down on the various floating restaurants. The smaller white one I think is perhaps the lesser-known Yue Lee Tai. For some reason - perhaps because of its lack of flamboyant decoration - this floating restaurant doesn't seem to be very well known. For a close up you can check out this link for a picture from an old business card: http://ccdl.libraries.claremont.edu/cdm/ref/collection/khp/id/752.

For me this is an interesting scene because of the little bald-headed chap in the bottom picture. Kung Fu fans around the world should recognise him instantly because his name is Yuen Siu-tin. Yuen Siu-tin is the father of (amongst others) Yuen Woo-ping - the famous HK film action choreographer. His dad is perhaps equally well-known in later life for playing Beggar So in various late 70's productions such as Drunken Master. Anyway, here he is without all the Beggar So makeup and costume.

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