Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge - Nicholas Hammond (1979) - Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

The helicopter scenes are all over the place, as you will find out over the next few posts. Here is a rather nice shot as the chopper flies through Repulse Bay. You can see the old Repulse Bay Hotel that was unceremoniously demolished in the 1980's to make way for the famous (well, at least famous for the hole in the building with the total nonsense story about it being for a fung shui dragon to pass through) "The Repulse Bay" apartments. Not to be confused with the block you can see in the pictures which is the earlier built "Repulse Bay Apartments".

The other block you can see on the right of the second picture is "Repulse Bay Towers" and "Repulse Bay Mansions" are the lower ones in front. So, basically, all the ugly stuff is still around but the very picturesque hotel has been replaced by a replica mall. "Replaced by a mall" must be one of the most overused phrases on this blog, sadly. *sigh*

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