Monday, December 7, 2015

Five Golden Dragons - Bob Cummings (1967) - Central Vehicular Ferry Pier, Central

Of course, we can't discuss cross harbour ferries without seeing the pier on the Hong Kong side of the harbour. The strange thing about this one is that as we see our fellow's car come off the ferry, it looks as though the ferry he is leaving is actually a double decked type - so a bit of a continuity issue there I think. Look carefully at the top picture and you can see the position of the old vehicular pier in front of what was the Fire Station (the smaller cream building). The Hang Seng Bank HQ now occupies that same space and the One IFC tower pretty much covers the space once taken by the ferry pier.

Approaching the Central Vehicular Ferry Pier 
Opening the lower ramp's gate
Look right and you can see we have just left an entireley different ferry!

And off, the white uprights are the supporting pillars for the upper deck vehicle entrance/exit. You can see the same structure on the bottom picture of this Yellowthread Street post.

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