Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Five Golden Dragons - Bob Cummings (1967) - 9 Magazine Gap Road, MidLevels

I was quite surprised to find out that one of the residential buildings seen on film is still around. It's at #9 Magazine Gap Road and is called 'Rose Gardens'. Built in 1964 it still looks pretty much the same now even at the grand old age of 50+.

The film makers want us to believe that this is the destination of the taxi and its passenger, but as you'll see in the next post they did a good old switcharoo at the last moment and seem to have opted for somewhere a bit taller. But in the mean time here is Rose Gardens as it appears on film. A reasonably new building at the time.

And courtesy of the new 3D imaging from GoogleEarth, here is the current rendition sporting a blue paint job and a distinctly greater amount of surrounding greenery. 

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