Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Transformers: Age of Extinction - Mark Wahlberg (2014) - Quarry Bay Part 3 - Mount Parker Road, Quarry Bay

Just at the start of Mount Parker Road is a small road that leads up to some older flats named Parker Court and Parker Terrace. Some of the filming was also done up here but to start off here is a shot looking down from Oceanic Mansion's rooftop that shows the entrance to the side road.

The road is a dead end and the following shots were filmed near to the end.

This is also the same small road where the truck comes crashing down the hillside and where one of the dinosaur robots runs down to join the fray.

Unfortunately Streetview hasn't ventured into this small road yet, so I actually got off my fat lazy arse for a change and went to get some snaps.

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