Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - Angelina Jolie (2003) - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Time for a new film and here is one filmed back around 2002/2003. The film was famous for its base jump from the under-construction IFC2 and the fact that it also used a bit of not so convincing CGI to show that said tower was in fact above Times Square in Causeway Bay. But more of that later. As you can see below, the geography isn't so important because in our first glimpse of Hong Kong in the film as a plane lands at an airport seemingly right in the middle of the harbour.

And before you argue it could be an aircraft carrier, there is a shot immediately afterwards that shows the plane sitting on the apron at Chai Wan Airport. So go figure.

There's also something odd about the buildings in the background. Although I can figure out the angle from the position of the Bank of China HQ and the lights of the Lippo Centre to the left of it (looks as though the shot was taken from the harbour front where the New World Centre used to stand) there seem to be some missing buildings (such as the Cheung Kong Centre which should be on the right hand side). So I can only assume either it has been manipulated (why bother?) or it's a much older view of the island that has been cobbled onto the image of the plane landing.

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