Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Contagion - Matt Damon (2011) - Mei King Street, To Kwa Wan

As I tidy up a few long forgotten loose ends, I found one from Contagion. I remember my Hung Hom based buddy telling me that Contagion was filming just around the corner from him but then couldn't remember where it was done. It turns out it was down a small alleyway off Lok Shan Road and Mei King Street. It's where the infected waiter seems to live.

The buildings in question, seen above, are all part of I-Feng Mansions and can be seen on the Streetview taken from Lok Shan Road below - this is the closest I can get via Google. Remember this area because we will come back to it at a later date when looking at Transformers 4.

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