Monday, October 12, 2015

Soldier, Soldier - Robson Green (1992) - Pak Sha O Ha Yeung, Sai Kung

I've experienced a couple of strange coincidences over the past few weeks regarding locations for which I had no clue, only to have a photo pop up somewhere on social media that gave me the answer. This one comes from the first HK-based episode of Soldier, Soldier called A Touch of the Sun.

The episode involves the company being put through their paces on a speedmarch and sees them going through various areas of the New Territories including the place below.

I'll be honest, I was stumped until just today when a nice person on Facebook posted some pictures of the place today. It's called Pak Sha O Ha Yeung and is in Sai Kung near to Hoi Ha Wan. It seems that a nice chappy called Toby took over the place some time in the early 80's when it was almost falling apart and has lovingly restored it to its former glory.

I'll try and get some of my own snaps the next time I am out that way.


  1. There was a lengthy story about Pak Sha O and its expat protectors in the SCMP a couple of weeks ago:

    1. I must admit I rarely read the SCMP these days, pity I missed it. But this is great news, I love reading this kind of stuff. It's a shame more people in HK aren't this way inclined because there are some abandoned places that would look great with a bit of TLC.