Sunday, October 25, 2015

Largo Winch - Tomer Sisley (2008) - Sunny Bay Road, Lantau Island

The car chase back to HK Island covers a fair amount of the territory - starting at the airport and ending in Central - a journey that would normally take close to an hour. Largo manages to do it in just a few minutes and we get to see a few places along the way.

Here is a quick glimpse of Sunny Bay Road as Largo manages to gain a bit of an advantage in his super duper Rolls Royce.

We haven't seen Sunny Bay mentioned on this blog for some time, but you may recall it was the place seen in Jackie Chan's Project A where Sammo Hung has hidden some goods in a floating timber yard. Anyway, the choice of this road by the crew seems to be a practical one because it is deserted at the best of times. The palm trees has grown, as expected, but other than that, not much has changed. Although I do hear rumours that reclamation is planned for Sunny Bay at some point - it was one of the sites identified by the Govt as usable for more land for housing - this will be a big shame because it's a very picturesque little bay (when looking away from the MTR station, of course...) even though the timber yard and its floating logs have long gone.

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