Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Largo Winch - Tomer Sisley (2008) - The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Central

There's a couple of hotel endorsements in this film which, I guess, is one way to secure decent funding.  It reminds me of a time I actually met someone who was involved with in-film advertising - responsible for such things as large ads at the back or simply the presence of a canned drink on table somewhere. Quite fascinating in its own way and much of the time barely registering in your conscious mind. Anyway, this particular product endorsement is rather less subliminal and features the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

This hotel (not to be confused with the original 1963-opened Mandarin Oriental a couple of blocks over) is in the Landmark building (hence the name) and we even get to see some of the famous Michelin-starred Amber restaurant and its ridiculously over-the-top chandeliers.

The entrance shown in the third picture is the one that opens onto Queen's Road Central. The Streetview is below.

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