Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bruce Lee & I - Betty Ting Pei (1976) - Clearwater Bay Road, Sai Kung

Here's one that has been eating away at me for a couple of years and I only really just solved it by being less stupid. The location had evaded me largely because of modern tree growth blocking the view, but a lucky peak of Razor Hill confirmed to me that this was filmed along the Clearwater Bay Road in Sai Kung in the section that skirts around the eastern side of High Junk Peak.

As you can see from the Streetview grab below, the right hand side of the road is now completely covered with high tree growth making the once clear and open view completely gone.

So the next best thing was to find a similar angle but with an open view and I managed to find it on a parallel road that runs on the other side of that tree line. So the bottom picture was grabbed from along Hang Hau Wing Lung Road which runs a little further down the hillside. The angle isn't an exact match to the film grab but you can quite clearly see the same hills in the background - the one dead centre is Razor Hill (it can be seen to the left of the car in the film). Coincidentally, in the top picture from the film there is a brown portion just above the car and I think this is actually part of the back lot at Shaw Bros Movietown - it's situated around that area at the bottom of Razor Hill.

Taken from Hang Hau Wing Lung Road

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