Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revenge of the Pink Panther - Peter Sellers (1978) - Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan

The most interesting part of the film for me is the car chase that manages to cover a fair amount of space beginning with this first sequence as the cars zoom along a bend in the road.

The bend in question is along Queen's Road West just where it joins on with Queens St and - a bit further up) the end of Hollywood Road. Notice all the columns along the road when this part of Hong Kong was lined with shop houses. All of them have gone along this stretch of the road, sadly.

Since 1978, the road has also undergone a bit of widening - easy to do once you have removed all those columns - but there are a few remnants still around that can be seen at the other end of the road (above left of the white car in the Streetview grab below).

As the cars zoom past we get a brief glimpse of the other side of the bend. The empty spot to the left of the black car is now filled by a building called Lai Yan Lau, completed in 1980, two years after filming. Just to the right of the screen grab is the end of Queen's Street. Again, the road here has undergone a large amount of widening and a large portion of the buildings that would be behind camera and between the camera and Queen's St have been removed to make way for tower 3 of Queens Terrace. 

The block of buildings with the red/white signs just along from the car in the screencap are still around and can be seen in front of the blue lorry in the Streetview picture.

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