Friday, September 4, 2015

Revenge of the Pink Panther - Peter Sellers (1978) - Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan

The last of the shots from the HK-side of the car chase sees the cars zooming, quite fast, down a section of the road that is close to our initial car chase road bend.

The key identifier in this scene is the striking whitewashed shop house that stands on the corner of Queen's Road West and Bonham Strand. It's been taken over by the Circle-K in the meantime but it's an easy to recognise place. But the initial part of our shot shows us looking east back down the road as the cars approach the camera.

As you can see from the following Streetview, the shop houses at the back of the screencap have all been replaced - mainly by the Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building.

As the cars approach the camera we are given a very quick right to left pan, which unfortunately blurs out the entrance of Bonham Strand before settling down again with a view up the road facing west with the shop house on the right. At the end of the road is the sweeping bend that I mentioned as the first stretch of road we see at the very beginning of the car chase scene. It's now been replaced by a small park and tower 3 of Queen's Terrace - a large residential development (it's the pink and green thing at the end of the road in the Streetview picture below).

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