Friday, September 25, 2015

Knock Off - Jean Claude Van Damme (1997) - Argyle Street, Kowloon City

After some hair raising action at the end of the rickshaw race the duo are picked up by the cops and taken to a police station for questioning. Is there a more logical place to go from Hong Kong island than Kowloon City? Of course there is but then again nowhere else would afford the chance of being able to snap a plane landing in the background, so here it is.

Sadly, I can't match the angle from Streetview but here is the police station as it currently stands. No more background planes and no more police sign sticking out from the front of the building either :-(


  1. Apropos of nothing, I've been in that police station. A year or so before I left Hong Kong, I was nearly mown down (along with some other pedestrians) by a moron who blew a red light at high speed one evening, a few blocks away from there. I got his license plate number, though, and filed a report in that very station. ;-)

    1. this seems to be a frequent occurrence in HK. I know a buddy who was hit by a car in Sai Kung a few months ago - some westerner who then proceeded to drive off at speed, and just this last weekend in Central a couple crashed into the pavement and knocked over a couple of women - now in hospital. They couldn't drive off because they totaled the car, but it seems that they have not been honest with the police about who was driving and to top it all, the guy refused a breath test and the police said..."oh, okay then". It's a rather sad indictment of the current HK police force (well,that and all the other stuff they do or don't do *sigh*)

    2. We experienced the driver switcheroo ourselves once many years ago, as it happens, but for a rather different (non alcohol-related) reason. You may remember we talked about my happening on filming of a martial arts flick at Starfish Bay.

      Well, the road behind it was, at the time, just gravel. One of the times we went there, I'd just gotten out of the car and walked away when another car ploughed into ours -- and it was apparently an unlicensed driver being (very poorly) instructed by his friend. They begged my parents to tell the police that a different person was behind the wheel; I can't remember if he went along with that or not tbh.