Monday, September 21, 2015

Knock Off - Jean Claude Van Damme (1997) - Gold Coast Piazza, Hong Kong Gold Coast Resort

A place that crops up several times throughout the film is the Gold Coast Piazza. It's fairly recognisable due to its columns, balustrades and window awnings. I would say it has had a bit of a makeover since 1997 though.


  1. Never been there myself, but had a quick try at the "Stars Pub" and "My Favourite Shop" to see if I could figure where in the mall they were, with no luck. (Neither exists any more, obviously.)

    However, I did figure something else out. The sign in the third shot will be for the "Montmartre Culture Square", which is mentioned in a hk.rec.alt-music post from 1999:!msg/hk.rec.alt-music/DUUd_hB1nXA/HLxkm1jERvEJ

    It's also mentioned in an LCSD press release as the "Montmarte Culture Square" [sic] in November 2005:

    These days, it seems just to be called the Gold Coast Montmartre:

    1. there was an interesting shot supposedly taken inside the pub that had a rather large amount of what looked like elephant tusks stuck to the ceiling. I'm sure they were fake, but perhaps the tusks may conjure up some memories for someone and confirm whether or not it was actually in the pub (I'm doubtful).