Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Knock Off - Jean Claude Van Damme (1997) - St Stephen's Lane, Mid-levels

Continuing the rickshaw race and the runners turn somehow manage to get from Eastern Street onto St Stephen's Lane, a small lane that sits on a terrace next to Bonham Road. Van Damme (or more accurately, his long-time stunt-double Todd Senofonte) runs down the lane and then does a quick kick off the steps to change direction, sending a competitor crashing into the railings at the bottom of the lane where it meets Babington Path.

Streetview from Bonham Road

 Just prior to the kick that turns the rickshaw down onto Bonham Road

Current Streetview showing Golden Phoenix Court at the back


  1. Somebody must go and ask that Pizza Hut the secret of their longevity: They're still in the exact same spot after 18 years, and somehow they've even managed to outlast the 7-Eleven!

    Pretty cool how precisely you can match the framing of the first shot in particular with Street View. If you could just raise the camera about ten feet, I think it would actually be identical...

    1. I'll tell you what, their longevity has nothing to do with the edibility of their pizzas. HK Pizza hut has some of the most grotesque "pizza" based concoctions in history. If you want good pizza in HK these days then a trip to Paissanos is in order ;-). My shout next time you are over.

    2. A very generous offer, but sadly I can't do pizza any more. Never figured out what, but something in it upsets my stomach every time, no matter which brand. (But I can take the basic ingredients and eat those no problem. Go figure!)

      Now, some good Cantonese food I'd be up for. Or even just some Cantonese comfort food at Tsui Wah!

    3. argh no. You'll probably find it's like orange juice and milk - fine by themselves but once taken together...vomit city. Never mind, Tsui Wah it is!