Sunday, September 13, 2015

Codename: Wildgeese - Lewis Collins (1984) - Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley

Part of the plot is that Collins' character is driven to wipe out the drug menace in the Golden Triangle because his son had been killed by drugs. In this scene, he goes to visit his grave in the Hong Kong Cemetery next to Happy Valley racecourse. In the top picture you can see the cemetery's small chapel in the background.


  1. The closest angle I can find in a quick Google search is this one: (See image 6 of 10)

    Move left about 50-100 feet and maybe back a few steps and I reckon you'd have the exact same spot. ;-)

    1. currently have a fair amount of time on my hands courtesy of my youngest starting full time school. It's about time I tried to explore a few more of these places.

    2. Definitely! Wish I could get out there for an explore soon, too. It's been far too long! :(