Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chinese Box - Jeremy Irons (1997) - King's College, Western Street

The official address of King's College is actually Bonham Road, however our view courtesy of the film is of the large double door entrance at the end of the complex along Western Street. The arched doorway at the back is one of several that overlook the inner sports ground.

Here's a Streetview grab of the same door, it looks like it has had a new frame fitted but other than that not much has changed.

The school is one of HK's oldest and most prestigious and has several noted alumni including Stanley Kwan - the creator of HK's famous Hang Seng Index - and the tosspot who masquerades as Hong Kong's current Chief Executive, Leung Chung D7689 (or something like that...).

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  1. Even the frame looks identical to me on Street View. Heck, you can even count the rivets in the door that you can see in the frame grab. :-)

    The biggest change seems to be that the stenciled Chinese characters seem to have been replaced with a small sign...