Friday, July 10, 2015

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story - Jason Scott Lee (1993) North Point Bus Terminus and Ferry Pier, Hong Kong

As Bruce is preparing to go home, he is chased down by a movie producer (I guess it is supposed to be Raymond Chow). But first we see Bruce approaching the ferry pier. The background is the now demolished North Point Estate. This is where the film makers made a better decision in their location choice because this estate was completed in 1957 (along with the adjoining piers) and was definitely of Lee-vintage.

The metal struts you can see are the supports for the pier roof. The pier itself is also featured as Bruce boards a ferry (in this case the Man Shing) before he is waylaid by the film producer. There are in fact two piers at north point, an East and a West one. I believe (although I'm not sure) that the one we can see below is the west one because it still has the light brown tiles covering the various pillars. However, I've never been to the pier so I can't be sure. If anyone has caught the Bauhinia harbour cruise then this is where those (ex-vehicular) ferries leave from and berth.

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