Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chinese Box - Jeremy Irons (1997) - Cochrane Street, Central

Yes, Cochrane Street again but this time from the street level and including an old friend of this blog, Chaplin Chang.

Chaplin, as you will remember, has been cropping up in the films on here for quite some time - his earliest appearance being for 1959's Ferry to Hong Kong. By virtue of Chaplin's excellent English skills and general kind nature, he seems to have been the favourite man for foreign companies to go to for any kind of local liaison. As such became involved in many of the productions featured on this blog both in front and behind the scenes (and more often than not, both). Anyway, here he is again playing a down and out who seems to live at the entrance to Jeremy Irons flat and spends all day crushing cans.

The view is from a few metres down into Cochrane Street looking back up towards Lyndhurst Terrace (Gage Street being just off camera to the right)


  1. You didn't mention the 4 storey high building that Irons and Li lived in in the film. It's right next to the Mid-levels escalator and the building is still there, now occupied by several stores including Aluminimum designer furniture.

    1. Hi Hiram. You're right, I didn't mention it here because i did another related post earlier:

      The old building has in fact been replaced, sadly.