Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chinese Box - Jeremy Irons (1997) - The Centre, Central

A particularly poignant film to watch at the moment given what is going on with the city's struggle for genuine democracy. I wasn't here for the handover, although I did stay up and watch events as they were being broadcast in the UK and this film blends drama with real documentary footage from the time.

Before we get to that though here is the very first shot that shows a large skyscraper under construction. The building in question is in fact The Centre - the tall building that featured (or at least the foyer) in The Dark Knight.

Anyway, the building was started in 1995 and finally opened in 1998, so the filmmakers got it pretty much mid-construction. The initial screencaps look as though the camera was placed on either Wellington Street or Gage Street looking down the gap in the buildings made by Graham Street (please correct me if I am wrong). Look carefully at the lower part of the screencap and you can just make out the top corner of the Haleson Building which stands between The Centre and Central Market.

There's also a later night shot that has been taken from a different angle (possibly further east and south?).

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