Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Soldier of Fortune - Clark Gable (1955) - Tak Shing Ferry to Macau

I have been re watching Soldier of Fortune recently (following on from the post concerning Ronald Chow) and found a few more grabs that are worthy of including such as this brief glimpse of the Macau<>Hong Kong Ferry: Tak Shing.

I don't have any information about the vessel other than that it was a real ship that toiled between Hong Kong and Macau. In the film it is the ferry that Hayward's character, Mrs Hoyt, catches to Macau and witnesses the arrest of Richard Loo's character by Communist sailors.

I did notice that the ship gets a mention on this thread over on Gwulo (and I have added a picture to the thread) and Thomas Ngan - frequent saviour of my identification exploits here - has mentioned that Ian Fleming traveled on the ferry when he visited HK.

Okay, it's not a film location as such (well, I guess it is a mobile one) but worthy of including here.

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