Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing - William Holden (1955) - Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Pier, Sheung Wan

A closer view of the old ferry terminal (if you can use that term to describe what it used to be) and we get a slightly better view of one of the ferries - although it's not the one that Suyin gets on board. First we have the view over to the other boat. 

I'm sure someone out there can tell me which one it was ;-). The following pictures show a life ring with the name Fat Shan on it. We've seen the Nam Shan and the Wah Shan on this blog before but I'm not sure we have come across the Fat Shan before, despite the fact that it was a fairly well known vessel. Sadly we don't get to see it anyway as the camera seems to be filming from on board the ship - as you can see from the bottom image.


  1. Took me a while to come back to this one, but I believe she is indeed the Fat Shan (佛山), the ill-fated ferry sunk by Typhoon Rose on 17 August, 1971. She was wrecked off Pa Tau Kwu, Lantau, on the north side of the little promontory that juts out into the water just northeast of Hong Kong Disneyland. 88 lives were lost in her sinking, and just four people survived. There's still a memorial on the hillside above the beach today. More info here, from a post I made on Gwulo last year:


    The best picture I've found of Fat Shan shows her port side in excellent detail:


    Your screenshot shows the starboard side, which can be seen here at lower resolution:


    Note that earlier in her career, she had a black funnel and a vertical drop-off behind her bridge, but by the time of filming, the funnel had gained a white stripe, the rear of the bridge had been streamlined, and a Union Flag had been painted amidships.

    1. excellent info. It looks like a decent topic to cover on my other blog - just need to get out that way and get some snaps.