Saturday, June 13, 2015

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing - William Holden (1955) - Vehicular Ferry Pier, Central

Do you remember the flipped film I found during That Man Bolt? Well it seems that the same thing was going on 20 years earlier with a small sequence involving a vehicular ferry. It's the scene after when Suyin goes to meet Elliot at Kai Tak and they return to HK Island afterwards. It's very quick but there's a nice view of the island and the ferry as it steams towards it. However, if you are familiar with HK scenery you should immediately know that this scene has been flipped with what should be the western flank of HK Island appearing on what appears to be the east. The correct view can be seen in the second picture.

To round off the scene there is a quick glimpse of, what I assume to be, the Central vehicular ferry pier as the ferry pulls in to dock.

I've mentioned it before but there is still a vehicular service that runs in HK but it is limited to those vehicles carry good too dangerous to travel via the harbour tunnels.

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