Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kung Fu Killers - Grant Page (1974) - Golden Studios, Kowloon

Throughout the course of the film, Page manages to conduct a fair amount of interviews including several at what appears to be Golden Harvest's Golden Studios in Diamond Hill where Stoner was being filmed with George Lazenby and Angela Mao. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally Lazenby was to appear in The Man From Hong Kong. Anyway, Page gets to catch up with him and a few others and have a chat in the now-redeveloped studio grounds.

Page also catches up with André Morgan - who should be a well known name and face to anyone who knows their stuff about the Hong Kong film industry. Incidentally, Morgan also had a cameo role in The Man From Hong Kong as a roof top guard as well as being executive producer on it.

Finally he also has a chat with one of the guys responsible for the English dubbing of the movies. AP tells me his name is Michael Ross. He's rockin' a great pair of summer-unfriendly dungarees and I wonder what he is up to these days?

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