Monday, May 4, 2015

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Bruce Payne (1990) - Angler's Beach, Sham Tseng

In I Knew a Man, the last episode of Yellowthread Street, Vietnamese refugees are dumped overboard a vessel when a police operation to apprehend the people smugglers (the leader was actually played by 70's kung fu film stalwart, Lo Lieh) goes awry. The bodies of the drowned are washed ashore on a beach.

Believe it or not, the green spit of land you can see above (with HK Island in the far background on the top left) is actually the northern coastline of Ma Wan island - Ngau Lan Tsui (牛欄咀). It's barely recognisable today courtesy of the Park Island development and the Tsing Ma bridge now spanning the channel to the left of it.

The beach (called 釣魚灣泳灘 in Chinese) is still here but there has also been much more development right behind it beyond the treeline largely due to the widening of Castle Peak Road (which also affected the original front wall of Dragon Garden a little way up the road from here) and the construction of several large residential developments along the coastline including Sea Crest Villas.

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