Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold - Tamara Dobson (1975) - Edinburgh Place, Central

Following on from the nearby HMS Tamar, the next scene has Jones walking down to try and hail a cab outside the Star ferry piers. Of course the pier has long since gone - getting demolished almost 10 years ago now - but the adjacent car park in Edinburgh Place is still around and has featured on this blog before.

Another recently removed pier in the above shot: Queen's Pier. Although (rumour has it) it has/will be replaced in its original position (as a monument) once all the faffing about with the reclamation is finished. Don't hold your breath just yet.

Outside Star Ferry. In the background of the above and below screen captures you can make out some of the buildings that used to front the harbour along Connaught Road.

Here is a rather nice shot of Tien Ni with Edinburgh Place as a backdrop. The building behind her head is the City Hall building (on the left) and the former Supreme Court and LegCo building (on the right) - and of course there's the familiar side of the car park.

Finishing on a high, here is the famous Star Ferry clock. There were various proposals made to try and preserve this artifact once the pier was demolished, and I believe the Govt were quite open to it (in hindsight, probably another hollow gesture), however, as is typical in Hong Kong, someone decided it would look better buried under several feet of refuse at the Tuen Mun landfill.

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