Monday, 6 April 2015

Shatter - Stuart Whitman (1974) - Shatin Pass Road: Finale

As previously mentioned, the end of this scene takes place at the iconic Lion Pavilion at the crossroads of Shatin Pass Road where the trails lead up to Lion Rock. Aside from the obvious mass of tree growth that is now evident, and a new lick of paint on the pavilion, not much has changed.

Even the dai pai dong seen in the background of the second screen capture is still there serving up a delightful selection of doll noodles and soda to weary hikers.

No expansive views anymore thanks to abundant tree growth, but here are a couple of snaps from a recent hike I did up there.

A sad reflection on my photographic skills is that Streetview has a better shot of this place - though perhaps the google car was able to ascend on a less busy day because it captured a nice car-free view of the area. The lower one is the view up the side road where the aforementioned dai pai dong still stands. Whether it's owned by the same people is unclear, perhaps the next time I am there I will ask.


  1. I love this place, and I'm surprised how barren it looked back in 1974, a mere 40 years ago! Thanks for the comparison!

    1. I agree, Arthur. I'm quite impressed with how HK has been able to 'green' in the intervening years. Now we just need to get rid of the air pollution during the winter and I will be very happy.