Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shatter - Stuart Whitman (1974) - Shatin Pass Road, Tze Wan Shan

One of my more vivid memories of this film is from watching it on UK television with my grandad back in the (most likely) early 80's. I particularly remember this scene when Shatter is followed up Shatin Pass road to the Lion Pavilion. I'll cover the Lion pavilion in the next post to keep the picture count manageable, but here is a quick shot of the junction of Shatin Pass Road and Tze Wan Shan Roads - just down the road from where the Fat Chong Temple stands.

Tze Wan Shan on the left, Shatin Pass Road coming up the hill
Looking up Shatin Pass Road

All those years ago watching this film  I never quite thought that one day I would be hiking up this road - it's one of the easier ways of getting up into the Kowloon mountains. Anyway, here are the corresponding Streetview captures. As you can see, HK is much greener than it used to be (thankfully) and the mesh fence on the left hand side of the bottom screen capture (above) has now become the aforementioned Fat Chong Temple.

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