Thursday, April 23, 2015

Contagion - Matt Damon (2011) - Tong Mi Road, Mongkok

A late identification due to a mistaken belief that the sequence at the beginning when the infected waiter gets killed was filmed around Hung Hom. The scene where he staggers in front of the truck was actually filmed up in Mongkok along a section of the Tong Mi Road just in front of where Shamchun Street and Cheung Wong Road meet.

The giveaway here is the tapered and lined flyover supports and the yellow canopy that adorns the Metro Regalia building on the opposite side of the road.

The film makers caught the area on a nice bright day compared to the rather drab Streetview picture I have below for comparison. The camera crew were also positione further back on the aforementioned streets. The trees have grown a little but you can just still see the yellow canopy over the road.


  1. Hah -- I crossed that pedestrian crossing countless times the last couple of times I was in HK, walking from the Cosmo / Dorsett Hotel Mongkok (the name changed) to the MTR station or Nathan Rd. :-)

    1. well, as long as you weren't delirious from catching a SARS-like virus and then got knocked over by a passing van then everything is ok. :-)

    2. I've checked and still appear mostly alive, so I think I'm good. :-)