Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold - Tamara Dobson (1975) - Wu Nam Street, Aberdeen

Just around the corner from Tung Sing Road is Wu Nam Street. Now it's the location for the main Aberdeen bus terminus, but before all the reclamation was done it was right on the waterfront and was the original location of the boarding point to get to the floating restaurants.

That's Wu Nam Street on the right hand side of the screen captures. The block on the far right (numbered 6-11 on various maps) is still around. The road has been extended slightly since 1975. An additional block was constructed on the far end of the current one meaning that Wu Nam Streets curve in Cheng Tu Road had to be extended slightly. The steps down to the water and the water front itself of course are long gone and the area you see above now carries, amongst other things, the Wu Nam Street public toilets! Below is a capture from Streetview which includes the area shown above. The original building previously mentioned is located at the far end of the row of buildings on the right (with two green minibuses right in front).

In addition to Wu Nam Street, we also get a sneak peek up Cheng Tu Road (not sure why the Mandarin pronunciation of the street names is used here, but there you go) in the shot below.

There is pretty much nothing recognisable today other than the buildings hidden by the truck. It looks like a single block but is actually two buildings sitting side-by-side (note the slight change in window shape). Those two blocks are 210 & 212 Aberdeen Main Road and one can still be seen (pink) is the Streetview below at the far end of the road (to the left of the bus).

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